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Unwrapping The Gift Of Integrative Health
November 3, 2017 | Brandon Mills

What a gift for the upcoming holidays and a major win for integrative medicine in Southern California! Recently, Susan and Henry Samueli gave UC Irvine the seventh-largest donation to a single public university. The best part of this $200 million gift is that the money is going to fund the first-of-its-kind College of Health Sciences, focused on interdisciplinary integrative health. 


To read the full article: Click here.


Generosity Has Its Critics


Some people have a real problem with generosity and Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times seems to be one of them. After getting word of the more than generous Samueli donation earmarked for innovation in health care, he quickly criticized the act with this quote, "$200 million donation threatens to tar UC Irvine's Medical School as a haven for quacks." Why the angst, Mr Hiltzik? Aren't we all just trying to uncover verifiable science to better treat our world? 


Michael Hiltzik's article has more than one person attempting to understand his motives. A team of doctors, including Andrew Weil, got together and released the following article through the LA Times: Click here.


Data Has The Final Word


The science supporting integrative medicine continues to grow with "more than 6,000 randomized controlled trials on integrative medicine listed on the website of the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health."


Based on robust data from these types of studies, medical societies now include integrative approaches in their clinical guidelines. For example, the American Heart Association states that "meditation may be considered a reasonable adjunct to guideline-directed cardiovascular risk reduction" ... and the American College of Physicians "recommends acupuncture and mind-body approaches for low back pain."


Major health care institutions are weighing in on the conversation and getting on board. What are your thoughts? Remedy Hike would love to have you out this weekend to add your thoughts to the conversation.


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