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Preschoolers Learn The Nature of Mindfulness
November 3, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Who wouldn't love an article on the application and benefits of mindfulness in the hands of preschoolers? In the article Scott Rogers, Director of the University of Miami School of Law’s Mindfulness in Law Program, highlights what can happen when we put big notions in tiny hands. He goes on to explain that when "we teach children mindfulness through the scope of nature we are equipping them with skillful ways of relating to life’s uncomfortable and challenging moments."


To enjoy the insightful and endearing article: Click here.


Thinking About Thinking Seems To Create More Thinking


Then comes the paralysis by analysis. The more we allow ourselves to take time to still the mind, the more joy we seem to find as the symptoms of stress diminish. Oh, and we get the reward of actually being present each moment. As we absorb these concepts, the next step is to empower the next generations with the tools we've discovered to help them cultivate true happiness.


The Flow Of Knowledge


One of the simplest and most beautiful things about technology is our ability to share instantaneously... internationally. We can find these amazing stories of passionate people and organizations that inspire us all into trail blazing a new world. Quickly we are learning to recognize how important it is for us all to work as a collective. Building a strong community really comes back to setting the right example for our children. This means that as we discover what truly brings peace and virtue, we can pass it along.  


At Remedy Hike, we know how important it is to have a platform to support both individuals and families. Luckily there are times when investing in your family is as easy as investing in your own health... which is exactly why we planned the hike this weekend.


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We will always be disappointed that a group of squid isn't called a squad.


Remedy Hike is on a mission to change the way we think about our health. We hike for change. Because we see Health Outside the Ordinary.



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