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Phone: (412) 780-9260

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The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.


Q: With my purchased ticket, what is included in my workshop hike?

A: Not surprisingly, each hike includes a hike. More importantly, your ticket includes a session with one of our health educators. These sessions vary in length of time from 20 minutes up to 1 hour; while each hike varies in distance, elevation gain and difficulty.


Q: Are these group workshops? How many people should I expect in my group?

A: Yes, these are group hikes. However, we plan to keep our hikes to small, intimate groups that usually consist of less than 25 hikers. In some cases, we can accommodate larger or smaller groups depending on the size and difficulty of the trail. But we strongly believe in personal 1-on-1 interactions, therefore the majority of our groups will be small in number.

Q: Are the hikes difficult?

A: We understand that each individual has a different opinion of what "difficult" means. However, we do our best to make sure most hikes are easy enough for everyone to enjoy. We also provide a rating for each hike that ranges from easy to difficult. We intentionally select hikes that are mostly easy to moderate. So, no need to worry. We got you covered.


Q: When should I plan to arrive for my workshop?

A: Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the official start time listed on your confirmation email. Please do your best to be on time, as we plan to start your hike on time.

Q: Where do I check-in for my workshop?

A: Check-in locations are always listed on your confirmation email ticket, which includes an address and further instructions on where to meet. When in doubt, look for the Remedy Flag.

Q: How long does each workshop take?

A: Hikes usually last anywhere from 90 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the distance of the hike and the educational session for that particular hike.


Q: What happens if I miss my workshop?

A: We will do our very best to accommodate the unforeseen. Please contact as soon as possible if you are unable to make your hike. Typically, with enough advance notice, we can issue you a voucher to be used on a future hike.

Q: Are the workshops ever canceled due to bad weather?

A: Sadly, we cannot control the weather. Therefore, if we feel that we cannot safely take care of our hikers during the workshops, we will provide a voucher and reschedule. Safety first. We do not provide refunds, but we do allow you to "gift" your voucher to someone in need. Please email us for details.


Q: What should I wear for my workshop?

A: We suggest comfortable clothing that you would typically wear to exercise. This includes yoga pants, compression pants, sweat pants, joggers, and shorts. It is important to wear sturdy shoes such as hiking boots or trail shoes - cross trainers work fine as well - as some of the trails are a bit rocky. Also, it never hurts to bring along a sweatshirt or light jacket as the temperature can drop significantly in the shade, early morning and around sunset.

Q: What should I bring to my workshop?

A: Please plan to bring at least 1L [32 ounces] of water per person, a yoga mat (with carrying strap!), sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, and a few small snacks. We also suggest a small drawstring cinch sack to store your valuable resources. However, if you forget any of these items, we will do our best to accommodate our hikers.

Q: Can I bring my dog? cat? pet snake?

A: We love pets too! However, some of the parks do not allow pets on the trails, which is a shame. So, our apologies but no pets are allowed on the general hikes. But because of this restriction, we are going to plan pet specific hikes on the trails that welcome our pets. Keep an eye on the "upcoming hikes" for those pet days.

Q: Will I be asked to sign a liability waiver?

A: Yes. We ask that every participant signs a liability waiver before going on the hike and attending the workshop. A copy of the liability waiver will be handed out during the check-in process before the hike begins. If you would like, you can view the liability waiver ahead of time by clicking on the icon below.


Sometimes questions are more important than answers.


Remedy Hike is on a mission to change the way we think about our health. We hike for change. Because we see Health Outside the Ordinary.


(541) 668-7578

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