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Where We're At With Giving Back
October 27, 2017 | Brandon Mills

California truly does have innovation at its core (from billion dollar companies like Google and Apple, to the big innovators like Tesla and Samsung). At Remedy Hike we love that California is also becoming one of the foremost leaders in social enterprise. As more and more companies in our state look to maximize social impact alongside profits for external shareholders, we are proud to join them in that quest.


Eight Is Great 


Thanks to Claremont Lincoln University for putting out this great article. Pointing out the top 8 Californian companies that are really looking to make an impact. These companies are finding innovative ways to address making money, while at the same time coming up with direct ways to give back. Its even better to see these companies prioritizing the giving part... just as much as the making part. 


To check out the list and see what these companies are doing: Click here.


Give Back Or Get Out


Ok... maybe that sounds a bit extreme, but personally I feel going forward that companies shouldn't be in business unless a major part of their core values are directed towards giving back. The fact that we are able to connect with each other 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, means that we should be learning from and helping one another... at least at the same rate that the dollars are rolling in. The list of top 8 companies above highlights several proven business models, that at their core, have social enterprise as a major part of their make up and value system. These are extremely profitable companies that take it personally to implement giving back as part of their day to day operations management. The more that we support companies that do care, the more the ones that don't will need to adapt or be replaced with ones that do. We truly have the power as consumers to build a better world! 


At Remedy Hike, we want you to live better, feel happier and more fulfilled! And provide you with the opportunity to give back to your community at the same time. By joining our hikes, you will not only get some healthy nature therapy, but you will be expanding your integrative health knowledge alongside those in your community that need it just the same.


Join next weekend's hike to learn how to invest in your health: Click here.

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