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Food Therapy Sounds Delicious
November 10, 2017 | Brandon Mills

We wanted to show our appreciation for Professional Integrative Chef Ruth Fehr. She not only had the courage to change her profession but she is really impacting the world in a meaningful way by changing people's lives. She's doing all this good effortlessly, by simply following her heart, she feels truly connected, while doing what she feels is right. Chef Fehr went from high sugar drink making mad scientist, to spare time pilgrimage walking, integrative nutrition master. Pretty cool right!? Check out the link below to read her full story... we think it's awesome!!!


Click here.


Eating To The Beat Of A Different Drum


What I love most, besides Ruth's incredible story and transformation, was the language that was used in the article to describe her process. The fact that she's using meditative and mindfulness language really brings a whole new element to the way that we view nutrition. I love the concept of describing your eating schedule as having a rhythm. I think it's really important that we think about food as grounding you down or lifting you up. It sounds like Ruth may have been inspired by some eastern traditions like Ayurveda. What is Ayurveda, you may ask? The guiding principles are more important than the term itself... and states that we must eat a colorful, flavorful diet... because next to breathing, eating is our most vital bodily function.


Turning Over a New Leaf


Unlike some of Ruth's clients, we don't have to wait until we have chronic illness before we reach out. The beauty about experimenting with healthier nutrition is the fact that you can feel the results. You can try eating different things at different times to feel the impact almost immediately. If you go the extra mile and combine this effort with other integrative approaches like doing yoga, getting outdoors and spending time in nature, a really incredible opportunity emerges to connect more internally with ourselves. We can observe if we have more energy, or if we feel better. We can quickly notice if we are getting sick less. And think about the significant motivation that comes from recognizing that we as individuals will never work on a greater project than ourselves.


This week is a perfect time for you to join us if you have an interest in gaining more awareness about your nutritional well-being. Remedy Hike will feature Kathy Cass, Ayurvedic Counselor, who will be teaching us how to create a kitchen apothecary... and then we will put our skills to the test at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market where you can learn about your own #foodtherapy.


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