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Improved Mental Health = Less Bad Decisions (Because Science)

October 5, 2017 | Brandon Mills

According to Neuroscientist Moran Cerf, humans are pretty lousy decision makers! As a result of misguided choices based on bias and emotion, we can tire of the whole process quite quickly. However there's hope! If we can learn to make a handful of really smart choices, our mental health will be drastically impacted in a positive way! 


An article from the Business Insider reveals the six of the most important choices you can make. You too can start making good choices by clicking here to reveal some great advice.


Fun fact. Gordon Moore, one of Intel's founders, was a smart guy. His theory that transistors in chips (not the delicious crunchy kind) would double nearly every year has been spot on for the past 50 years. Why bring Moore ;) information into this?


Like Moore's law of computer power essentially doubling every year, it seems the amount of decisions we have to make each year follows suit. The more confident we can become that we are putting are eggs (or those chips) into the right baskets, the more we can truly effect every aspect of our lives... from finding our passions to nurturing the right relationships.


Ok, so back to making those great decisions... Remedy Hike along with our partners lululemon and Movember are hosting a really important Men's Health Forum this Saturday October 7th. I think we can both agree, that signing up sounds like we are utilizing our own computer power.


Sign up here.

We will always be disappointed that a group of squid isn't called a squad.


Remedy Hike is on a mission to change the way we think about our health. We hike for change. Because we see Health Outside the Ordinary.



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