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If A Tree Falls In The Forest And No One Is Around To Hear It, Does It Make A Sound?

November 17, 2017 | Brandon Mills

The famous question asked in the 1700s by George Berkley (famous philosopher for thinking about thinking) takes on a whole new meaning in this fascinating article below about the communication amongst trees. Whether its biologists like George David Haskell, with his ear to the ground in the Redwood Forests of Santa Cruz... to the ecology lectures of Suzanne Simard up at the University of British Columbia... the growing amount of evidence to support a long standing suspicion that trees have an interconnected language is starting to grow :)


Read the treemendous Quartz article by clicking here.


The Roots of Communication


The world we live in is ever more connected via networks, but we cannot forget that the natural ones are just as important as our digital ones. The wisdom owls over at UNFAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) really give a hoot and we feel this would be a good place to quote their wise words:


“The contributions of forests to the well-being of humankind are extraordinarily vast and far-reaching....” 


More To Tree Hugging Than You May Think


I highlighted the above mentioned article because its not only fascinating, but it feeds directly into the larger concept of our planet's interdependence and our need for mindfulness. Humans, on a social level, need each other and there are undesired side effects of being apart. 


We can no longer look at chopping trees and clear cutting in binary terms (as in, tree = paper) because in essence its just not that simple. We need to become aware that on a microscopic (small) and macroscopic (large) scale that everything on this earth is part of a greater theme of connectivity. Remember the 'ole Butterfly Effect? Not the Ashton Kutcher movie... although its obviously underrated. In this case trees are showing that they have a language to prove it! This brings our hikes to a whole new level as we ponder the language of the forest!


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