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Find Purpose Now >>> Live Longer Later
October 20, 2017 | Brandon Mills

In a truly fascinating study in "Psychology Today" researchers at Flinders University in Australia revealed how finding meaning, and learning to set your aims and objectives towards a true sense of purpose, will all converge into living a longer and more productive life! After following close to 1500 adults for 18 years (that's a long time... they essentially raised these peeps) their findings showed that those with purpose reported lower functional disability, better self-rated health, and fewer symptoms of depression compared to individuals who scored lower on purpose.


You may be asking: what's that mean for me? Read the full story to find out, click here.


In our opinion, the sense of purpose that we find is exponentially greater when that purpose is in someway linked to helping others. The drive that comes from looking to step outside of our conditioned self absorption and find ways to truly impact the lives of others is only starting to be discovered. As technology advances to test our brain's response to goodwill, we are slowly realizing that to help others truly means to help ourselves at the highest and deepest levels... like ocean deep.


Speaking of oceans, we invite you to connect with a greater sense of your self and do some good this Saturday with Remedy Hike! We've partnered up with United by Blue, REI and Surfrider Foundation for the Topanga Beach Cleanup complete with a bonus hike through Los Liones Canyon.


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