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Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
October 27, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Especially when it comes to social enterprising entrepreneurs! A great big shout out to Conscious Company Media for compiling this awesome list of up and comers. This list of inspiring people, of all ages, is exactly who we should watch out for and support in 2018. From Founders looking to empower the under privileged with the capital they need to start socially conscious causes, to for-purpose tech entrepreneurs looking to build a platform for organizations to share ideas, innovations, and solutions with others in their field... this list highlights some of the best and brightest. 


To find out more, click here and enjoy the genius they all bring to the table.


Simplicity Is The New Technology


We love to support and highlight these leaders as they continue to inspire us to be a part of this truly remarkable movement towards sustainable and corporately-responsible business. As we work in the direction of a unified planet, we can use technology and simplicity, hand in hand, to truly solve some of the worlds greatest problems. From starvation to pollution, it gives us so much hope that the people on that list, as well as countless others, are leading us down the road to a more compassionate and self aware world.


2017: Year of the Hike


At Remedy Hike, we are brand new [est. 2017] ... still have that new car smell. But we cannot wait to take our spot among these brilliant and caring leaders. And we know that we cannot do it without the support from you, our community of hikers. Want to be a larger part of our journey? You can join these discussions first hand, each and every time you come out for a hike. When you feel inspired to share our story with your friends, bring them along on a hike, and let them experience it for themselves.


Head to the website, browse around and find a hike that makes you feel motivated. You can choose to donate a little, you can choose to donate a lot. If you have nothing to give, don't worry, we would just love to have you along for an experience. And we hope that you can take those positive vibes back to your friends and family, so they too can feel inspired and empowered by our cause.


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We will always be disappointed that a group of squid isn't called a squad.


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