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Oh Snap! Its About Time We Reward Healthy Choices
November 10, 2017 | Brandon Mills

After the devastation caused by hurricane Irma, The Florida Organic Growers have found a simple but innovative approach to support lower income residents with healthy food incentives, while at the same time promoting the farmers that work so hard to bring those options into a consistent reality. They took the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (or SNAP) food stamp program and created an incentive so that for every SNAP dollar spent on healthy, local, delicious, organic and sustainable food, the family or individual would get double the value! Pretty sweet right?! 


To check out this innovative program: click here.


A Delicious Alternative To Swallow


For far too long I have felt that lower-income families in the United States have been caught out in food deserts... which our parts of the country "vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods." The more that we are impacted by climate change and the devastation that comes from these horrific experiences, the more its seems the full brunt of the impact really hits the underprivileged the hardest. I think programs like this one, established by the Florida Organic Growers, can be cookie cut into every community in the United States. Program participants can go from spending food stamp money on high sugar, processed foods, to being incentivized to get double the value of what stamps are worth by creating programs like these that cater to healthy and local options.


The Big Apple(less)


Large metropolitan cities may be the biggest culprit as organic food sources have really only been consistently and fully available to those with money. Its programs like these that break that trend and open the door for everyone to learn sustainable ways to a healthier life style. In the long run these innovations will make the largest impact on how we address issues of high blood pressure and obesity... and thats just for starters.


Ok, so thats a lot to weigh in on (no pun intended). But we are hoping to see you this Sunday to help us support local options, eat right and feel better, all while helping grow our community towards sustainable nutrition options available to everyone.


And coming out to this week's Remedy Hike, as we navigate the Pacific Palisades Farmer's Market, is a simple as clicking here.

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