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As "Brain Games" Fizzle Out... Meditation Takes The Plank Position
October 13, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Thanks to a study released last week by Science Advances (promoted by Forbes Magazine) the power of meditation just got even more profound! Those bright cats (not the fluffy cute kind) over at the Max Plank Institute in Germany, tested 3 types of meditation techniques and found that each one strengthened different centers of the brain! Plus that Max Plank Institute sounds like a great core workout ;)


Click here to read the Forbes Article:


For the full spectrum analysis from Science Advances, click here.


I'm someone who personally uses meditation to battle back and win against anxiety, depression and ADHD. A fantastic sense of appreciation comes over me knowing that the science of meditation continues to become more and more validated by the latest research. As we live in an ever more connected world, the need for natural ways to deal with emotional issues and become more mindful and empathetic, cannot be understated. Quite honestly, there is a greater number of us are looking for ways to combat our hectic lifestyles. Studies like this hit at the core of our society and have huge impacts across all sectors; from the general public to businesses, to the way we teach the next generation.


So, how can we start to combat those hectic lifestyles and treat ourselves to something nice? With a FREE meditation hike this weekend? Sounds like something Remedy Hike would do. We whole heartedly invite you to come out and strengthen your brain muscle with proven meditation techniques from our expert.


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