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Should Physicians Be Paying GOOGLE A Referral Fee?
October 13, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Its kinda scary to think, that the average doctor is finding out about the side effects of polypharmacy, (combined medications) through our search engine queries!?


Wait... what!?


By analyzing our searches made to Google, Bing, and other search engines, potentially dangerous consequences of mixing prescriptions are being revealed to our doctors before they are known to the Food and Drug Administration. And some medical risks are being exposed that could easily slip through clinical trials undetected.


Did you know... nearly 70% of Americans take prescription drugs? and more than half take two or more drugs? October is American Pharmacists Month, so we will be actively pursuing dialog on over prescribing and integrative ways to address our health issues. If you have ever wondered what really happens when you mix prescription drugs... check this out:


Click here.


Polypharmacy and the over use of prescription medications were among the reasons our Founder left the pharmaceutical industry to build awareness around integrative medicine... AKA Remedy Hike. I am personally so proud of him for doing so! If you Google some the top money making professions, pharmacists are at the top of the list and he walked away to follow his core values.


Looking for integrative ways to get off some of those medications? Join us this month not only to explore the great outdoors, but to explore your health options. Oh, and did I mention that these educational sessions are FREE? All you have to do is click the link below and sign up. Then come out and give us your your two cents as we introduce you to alternative ways to manage your, and your loved ones health. Better yet bring them along too!!


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