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Kids Are Learning To Namaste Out Of The Principles Office Thanks To Yoga
September 29, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Amazing leaders like Annelise Lonidier, owner of Sacred Thread Yoga in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward, are coming up with brilliant ways to impact their communities. Using weekly yoga classes, future generations under her tillage are learning how to stay calm, deal with stress and cultivate mindfulness. 

To read more, check out this moving article: Click here

After reading that, wow ... right?!? I wish there were more people like Annelise and Operation P.E.A.C.E in my old neighborhood. It would have saved my a$$ a few dozen trips to the office for sure!!! More and more, yoga is gaining momentum and changing public attention from just a trendy way of working out, to an all-in-one for healthy bodies and minds. 

If you're still not convinced, join us tomorrow for a Remedy Hike with one of our amazing yoga-teaching navigators. You'll get an in-person perspective on the countless ways yoga can impact your life!


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