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Shock Therapy Just Got More Interesting And A Lot Less Scary
September 29, 2017 | Brandon Mills

"Brain Zapping" may become one of the best ways to treat hypertension, learning disabilities, addiction, obesity, stroke-related speech impairments, age-related cognitive decline, mood disorders [like depression] and manage stress... oh, and it will spark your creativity! Pun intended, you're welcome :)

According to biomedical engineers like Marom Bikson, "It’s among the fastest-growing and most exciting areas of treatment in medicine, but there have not been enough large scale controlled studies to support all of the headline claims ... yet," he says.

Check out the article on "Hacking the Brain" and let us know if you would be willing to give it a shot!


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Ok, so the technical term is transcranial direct-current stimulation (or tDCS). Sounds impressive. Personally I'm all in! From time-tested, proven techniques like yoga to emerging therapies like tDCS, good science is good science. In a lot of ways stress is the precursor to many deeper developing mood disorders. Which is why your friends here at Remedy Hike are totally open to a balance of old and new integrative ways to manage these issues.

Find your favorite Remedy Hike this month, join the discussion and leave refreshed with a balance of new school techniques and old school reminders on how to combat stress!


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