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3 Out Of Every 4 Suicides Is A Man...

October 6, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Look, the statistics are staggering! There are approximately 121 suicides in the US per day, and this is just one aspect of the mental health spectrum. The precursor to suicide is often depression and according to the World Health Organization, over 350 million people worldwide currently suffer from it. Therefore the importance of driving this conversation out into the mainstream cannot be understated.


If you are suffering, one of the most crucial ways to address suicide and depression as a man is to have someone to talk to. Someone you believe will truly listen and you will be able to open up to. 


Movember's Men's Health Initiative, calls us all to action! We must address these tough issues head-on by asking important questions, like:


What can we do?


Great question... so, what can we do? We should: Talk. Ask. Listen. Encourage action. Check in.


For more info and resources: Click here.


Personally, there have been more then a few times in the last year that the hand of depression seemingly had me by the throat. Grasping for air, the only thing that truly loosened the grip was the close friends around me. With empathy and encouragement, they implored me to open up and share my feelings. This is just one reason why I believe in Remedy Hike so much! Whether it is a seemingly simple issue like stress management or more extreme bouts of declining mental health, having a community to turn to (where you are welcomed with open arms) is vital for all of us to feel connected and help overcome our mental challenges. 


We cannot say enough about the importance of The Movember Foundation and our sheer joy to be partnered with them. Creating a platform for men to open up and discuss their feelings is a core focus of the foundation. At Remedy Hike we are honored to be an edge on the tip of that spear.


You too can join us in the conversation by signing up for our special Men's Health event this Saturday, October 7th, as we partner with Movember's Men's Mental Health Campaign and our friends at lululemon.


Sign up here.

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