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One Is The Loneliest Number That You'll Ever Do
November 17, 2017 | Brandon Mills

As we are quickly approaching the holiday season, your team at Remedy Hike wanted to take a moment to thank you, our emerging community, for all the support you have given us to make this first year amazing! We have taken huge steps (over 2 MILLION to be more exact) ... leaps and bounds towards raising awareness for integrative approaches to health. And at the very same time, we have given the same education back to the underserved in our community through your donations. [take a moment to reflect on that] OK... with that in mind, we wanted to spend this week focusing on the importance of community and how its a vital need for all of us as part of our quality of life. 


Now That's A Hit Song


First... we have a must read this week, which comes to us from a talented writer by the name of Kerry Song over at She delves into some pretty heavy statistics (graphs, comparisons, the whole nine) on how being isolated and/or ongoing feelings of loneliness can be as damaging to the body, and to our longevity, as smoking cigarettes, obesity, and even being a straight up alcoholic. Yikes!


To checkout the full scope of the painful side effects of feeling disconnected: click here.


Underscoring The Point


Not only does being alone cut your lifespan short by 25%, but its equivalent to the bad habits of addicts smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic. Whether it's feeling alone, or actually physically being alone, the results don't look that great. The numbers give me a whole new perspective on the meaning of community and... I'll never listen to that 80s song "One is the Loneliest Number" quite the same ever again.


Lucky for us all, Remedy Hike has an amazing event planned for you this weekend where we can all (re)connect. Join us as we celebrate our First Annual "Hiker Appreciation Night" hosted by our friends at Reebok LA! We'll do a meet and greet, stretch our bodies to the beat, then kick it on the street (yes, those could be smooth lyrics) as we all come together to share some great experiences from our first year together.


Sign Up for Hiker Appreciation Night

We will always be disappointed that a group of squid isn't called a squad.


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