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Conscious Tourism Has A New Name: Voluntourism
October 20, 2017 | Brandon Mills

I loved this story on (yes, that is a real thing) as they highlighted marketing professional and former assistant yoga teacher, Kajal Patil. This young lady made the bold move from India to the United States and did it with the presence of mind to help others along the way! As the human impact on our environment becomes an ever more pressing issue, how cool is it that we can discover new parts of the world [or even relocate to the opposite side of it] all while doing some significant good to help others like she did?


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Or better yet, check out our friends at Have Fun Do Good and join one of their next trips!


At Remedy Hike, we feel fortunate to hop around the global communication network seeking out and identifying inspiring stories of people making a difference and finding true happiness. It's so rewarding learning from the experiences of others who are finding validation and more enriched lives though purpose-driven health. 


Thanks to Kajal Patil, this week we learned how amazing it is that we can take something as simple as traveling a step further. We can pay back Mother Nature for the opportunity to transverse the globe in person, by having the presence of mind to do some good in each destination in which we embark. The idea that as a society, we can embrace the desire to seek out new places and new cultures, all while offsetting the environmental effects of travel through giving back to the people and places we encounter... is pretty amazing.


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