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A Study Older Than Grandpa Shows We Need Each Other

November 17, 2017 | Brandon Mills

In a first-of-its-kind study Harvard University compiled 75 years worth of adult development as they took on the age-old question of what truly makes us happy. This study provided unprecedented access to data on true satisfaction and shed some serious spotlight on the concept of the meaning of life. According to psychologist Robert Waldinger, having a bunch of cash and getting tons of attention isn't going to extend your life in any regard!


Check out this fascinating TED Talk on what makes the good life as Robert profiles lessons learned from the longest study ever recorded on happiness. Because if money and fame top your list of the tools to bring about the most amount of joy in your life... you might need to watch the video here.


When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kardashian?


When I was a kid, we thought the cure to all our problems was getting rich and becoming famous. By the feedback in the above Ted Talk, the world hasn't changed much. New generations still think lifestyles of the rich and famous is going to be the solutions to their problems. Thank goodness we live in a new reality where we can actually share experiences internationally with each other and learn from our misguided naivety.


Throwing In My 2 Cents


As a runway model in New York for the past 12 years, I traveled, shot in over 50 countries, and had more friends on Facebook that I could count (luckily Facebook did it for me). However, it still took some time for it to become glaringly obvious that I didn't truly know a lot of these people. I was actually more disconnected and alone than I ever realized. It's not until having recently redirected my life's purpose toward the service of others that the truth became so apparent.


Sometimes it takes almost losing your life in order to have your frame of mind altered enough to realize that the pure ambition to have more materialistic things and more materialistic people to support your ego, just isn't satisfying. I'm hoping awareness goes viral as we invest in long-term studies like the one above along with sharing our stories. With this approach, the idea is that society will hopefully break the mass manipulation that comes from just wanting to be the best consumer, to a greater desire to live lives that are fulfilled by being the best people.


Remedy Hike is all about finding balance and this weekend you can come out and connect with like-minded individuals as we culminate a year dedicated to the support of one another in personal growth that extends out to building a more happy and healthy community.


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