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This Doctor Graduated From NYU, Cornell And M.I.T! So Why Does She Have No Mentors? Ahh What's Up, Doc???
October 13, 2017 | Brandon Mills

Allow us to quote Kelly Brogan, MD (women's Psychiatrist and New York Times best selling author): 


"I have no mentors. I have few like-minded colleagues. Most of what I have learned about psychiatric drug withdrawal, I have learned from patients and from clinical experience. I was taught to dismiss patients concerned about becoming “addicted” to psych meds, and to deny the possibility of protracted withdrawal, describing it only as evidence of that patient’s clear “need” for permanent medication treatment. I was never taught how to taper."

I'm guessing, when you come to the table with that level of authenticity and then write a book about it, you might not have too many friends in your industry. Personally, I think we should praise her courage! Want to hear something even more inspiring? She has implemented a policy in her private practice that no patient receives medication until they first go through a 30-day dietary change that includes:

1. No gluten or dairy

2. Increase healthy fats 

3. Sourcing natural food that are non-GMO as well as pesticide-free

4. Increased exercise and meditation


Nice Work!

Dr. Brogan has a vision... or more maybe more than that... a dream that one day psych wards will serve organic ancestral greens, teach meditation and relaxation responses, as well as support healthy sleep patterns and promote exercise. We agree 100%! To read more amazing insights from her insider perspective:

Click here.

It truly takes courage to challenge the long standing norms. Here at Remedy Hike we're proud to highlight those willing to step outside the box in pursuit of improved health for us all. Equally as imporatant is giving back to the community; therefore, we have decided to offer FREE education over the next 2 weeks. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to come out and experience the movement towards integrative health! 


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